PDF issues

The 8.4.24009.13522 seems to have gone back to producing wireframe outputs when using the vector option for a different display modes. Technical wasn’t working 100% in the previous build but the raster option isn’t really working as the line weights are so heavy and the hidden line is far too dense to really work as a hidden line.

Apart from going through all in this case 52 make2d operations to get a usable output is there any other work around to get usable outputs?

I can attach some drawings showing the difference in the output if that is helpful?

Hi Tommy -

We have this on the list as RH-79584. This was attempted fixed for the first public 8.4 candidate but is ongoing.


Thanks Wim

Appreciate it must be quite a changeling thing to get working when you compare the times for make2d and it generating it in the export window