Issue after using Rhino for mac on 32bit computer


I accidentally downloaded and used Rhino 5.4.1 for mac on a computer with a 32bit processor (mac early 2011). Now after several days of work I realize, that it’s neither possible for me to export my work to ai-files (that creates a million skewed lines in a big mess), to use the make2D command (2D images do not appear), or to safe vector data pdfs; in stead I get bit map data pdfs out regardless of my print settings. One exception is when I print from a layout detail viewport in ‘wire frame’ mode - then I can get vector pdfs out.

It acts similarly when I open the file on a 64bit processor computer, so unfortunately the file itself seems to be affected by the fact that it was build on a 32bit :cry:

I would be very happy to get my work out in some usefull format. Has anyone has this issue before, and found a way to work around it?

Thanks a lot

Would say it doesn’t depend on 32Bit vs 64Bit since all Mountain Lion (10.8.5) capable Macs are 64Bit (since the Core2Duos 2006/2007).

Interesting… Also although the specifications on the computer says 32?
It says ‘2 GHz Intel Core i7’ processor and ‘32 bit color (ARGB8888)’. I don’t know enough to understand exactly what it means.

I guess the point is that it shouldn’t matter at all. Can you post a file that is giving you problems?

Yes, it should be here;
thank you for taking a look!

That is about the amount of data used for one pixel of color. Your Intel Core i7 is 64bit.

I’m not completely sure which problem you are describing but I do notice that your geometry is far from the world origin. Can you, as a first step, move all your geometry to be around the origin?

Thank you Nathan for clarifying

I will try that. Thank you.


The issues, I believe, were all related to the fact that the geometry was so far away from the world origin. This caused the line work created with ‘make2D’ to show up so far away, that I didn’t manage to find it. And it caused exported AI-files to be so large that Illustrator could not show them.

The issue with not being able to get vector graphics out through the layout-print/pdf-saving, was likely due to me not understanding the difference between rendering and printing well enough…

Thank you very much for leading me in the right direction!

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