PDF export in ShapeDiver app stuck indefinitely


Recently I’ve been watching through the ShapeDiver tutorials on YouTube (super helpful btw thanks for making those!) and was trying out the newly added PDF export functionality.
I followed along with the tutorial and created a super simple sketch with only lines. But somehow the export into PDF process in ShapeDiver app got stuck in this window indefinitely

The model was exported smoothly in GH instead of using the ShapeDiver App. I was wondering if there is anything wrong?
Here is also a overview of the GH file I used (again, I’m using super simple lines just to test it out)


I’m glad you like the tutorials and new features we develop. If you have have any feature requests let us know.

I just tested the PDF export and it worked for me both locally and on the platform. Can you try to download the PDF from this model?


If the export still gets stuck, please open the browser console and post any errors here.

test pdf.gh (35.4 KB)

Thanks for the reply! after inspecting your GH file I realized that one of the inputs for the outline block in my GH file needs to be defined separately instead of defining it inherently inside the original block, something like this…

somehow the export can only be performed in GH and locally but not in ShapeDiver when I define it inside the original outline block. Now defining it externally solves the problem and was able to download PDF files for my GH object.

Hi @pavol,

I have exactly the same issue as Henry experienced.
Here is the error message when the model loaded to the shapediver page.

Attached you can find the gh file I used.
Please advise.

Shaun210119_export testing.gh (91.0 KB)

I did the trick as @henrysayhitou.
Somehow it works.

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