Pdf export changes size when opened in photoshop

select 3.0089 inch wide object, export as pdf, open pdf in photoshop, use default settings, measure width,
its 2.382 inch.

try again, same.

try for .ai but pshop says cannot parse.

How should I get something into photoshop and retain size ?
I have used pdf before, I have also found that some parts of the project get repositioned and overlap other items when I open into pshop.


Hi Steve - when you save to pdf, make sure view and output scale is set to 1:1


Ah yes, it had not reverted to 1:1.
it was retracted and I didnt see it.


I am using export to pdf again, I have drawn a speech bubble on an A5 portrait shaped art, its 3.8cm wide on a 14.79cm wide artwork.
select it, go file export selected, choose pdf, make sure scale is 1:1, I see a minute version of the entire art and speech bubble, within a white portrait shaped space. I export it as pdf.
Open the pdf in photoshop, 300 dpi, drag onto the A5 artwork 300dpi and its minute. Its brought in the speech bubble, the artwork it sat on and the two rhino dims, all is a mere 2.41cm ! wide, yet I only selected the speech bubble.

tried three times.
Why if I choose 1:1 with the artwork measuring 14.79cm wide in Rhino does the artwork as well as the selected speech bubble get selected when I select just the speech bubble and why is it NOT. 14.79cm when in photoshop.

I wish we had export as eps as Freehand had, .

How do I get artwork from Rhino into Photoshop same size ?

try for ai and Pshop says cannot parse.

try dxf and get file format not recognised.

Its going to take me longer to get the speech bubble into photoshop than it took me the entire afternoon to make the birthday card !

CAD to Pshop, never were the two worlds compatible.

We need eps export.


No idea, but I just imported a Rhino 5 pdf export into Photoshop 6 and the image is sized exactly right. I didn’t do anything with the settings, it just worked first time. So it can be done…