AI export of objects sees crazy size on second item when opened to Photoshop


Selected first pink objects and did File> export selected as Adobe Illustrator, cmyk and 1ich = 1inch.
repeated then for orange.

Open the pink ai into pshop

I get pink suggestion by pshop of 334.639inch wide and 273.75 height 72dpi, as original is 334.6339 inch wide and 273.7289 inch height I go with that. :relaxed:

I then open the orange item, and get 353.403 inch width and 128.681 height when original is 71.8115 width and 39.4063 inch height, :astonished:

I draw a blue rectangle same size as the orange and still get that crazy size.

So I then alter width in the opening dialog box to our 71.8115 but that makes the height 21.49 so in fact its not even proportional, WHATS GOING ON ???

I am simply trying to overcome the failing of Rhino to have a distort tool by doing this distort in Photoshop.

Is Rhino unable to export ai proportional and same size as the objects selected ?

Can someone export the pink then the orange items as ai, keeping inch = inch.

open the ai of the pink into pshop, then open the orange.
What do you get ?

How can I get these into photoshop same size and proportional ? ai should work !

Furthermore if I make the opening height of orange 39.4063 thinking I will scale the width to the 71.8115 after its open, as these are all 72dpi files, how become when I copy paste the orange into the pink its only a third of the height of the place it came from in Rhino ? even more crazy.

Export ai sees pshop crazy dimension.3dm (6.7 MB)

Anyone ?
What is affecting ai size export to photoshop ?

someone please try the simple task that failed me.
in attached file in my initial post,
Can someone export the pink then the orange items as ai, keeping inch = inch.

what size does photoshop suggest upon opening the ai’s ?


Works like expected, but looks like you ran into some problems.

  1. The orange curves are way off the Adobe canvas
  2. The canvas in Adobe is limited in size

There are no pink objects in your file?!

Hi, oops now added the pink box.

pink is 334.639 inch wide

orange is 71.8115 inch wide.

you say exporting the orange works as expected, then say its off the canvas ?

how can 71inch go off a canvas, not sure what you mean.

canvas limited in size, sorry I dont understand at all.

It should open with a dialog box saying 71.8115 wide 39.4063 tall 72dpi, and one goes ok, then it sits on screen , what is the canvas you refer to ?

I have always had the images when doing this sit on screen each in an Msoft window.



If you look at the exported AI file in Illustrator, then you’ll see this:

The dark grey square is the maximum canvas, work-space or whatever its been called in Adobe English.
If you try to drag the drawing-space beyond it’s borders then an error message pops up.
But who needs a drawing 10x4 meter? :grinning:

Thus you may move your object to the positive xy quadrant to be visible in PS or scale the .ai-export somehow.

Hi, selecting the orange item and choosing export selected as ai, and inch = inch

can you do me a screendump of the dialog box that appears in pshop when you open the ai ?

why is a 71inch wide item opening up with all that extra ‘nothingness’ off to the right ?

and same for the pink item,

also what does that look like on screen when opened.


If I open the ai-file then I’ll get this dialog:

But you’ll have to increase the resolution to get the thin lines rendered. I’ve used 300PPI so the with of the drawing becomes 32000 pixel which is too much for older versions of PS. I’m using CS5.

thats the crazy width I am getting. 353 when original is 71

I even draw a rectangle around that orange object and exported that rectangle instead of the orange object, and that did the same !

so can someone tell us what is happening…please.

McNeel ?


Well, the size of the object is still correct inside of Photoshop. I assume PS is just trying to be smart and extends the drawing area to the illustrator work-space.

However, as far I can tell McNeel is doing the .ai export correct in this regard and your problems should be discussed with Adobe… Good Luck :wink:

Hi, but no,
why then does the first shape open up as expected ?


what size do you get for the pink item ?

print screen please of the opening dialog.

I get same size as its dimensions in rhino.

then I do the orange and its goes massive.

why totally different opening sizes , why the vast extra space of nothing for the orange shape ?

I still need that explaining ,

draw a simpel rectangle and it goes massive, why pink ok and that orange shape not,

anyone else have this happen.


Maybe because the pink object completely includes the max. workspace of Illustrator?
Again, I don’t think there is anything Rhino or McNeel can do to change the behavior of Adobe products.
But you could scale your export so Adobe can handle it.

What does your dialog box say for width and height when you import the pink ai into pshop ?

Q2. what size does orange and pink open as into Illustrator ?

IF THERE IS A DIALOG BOX, what does it say before opening the object ?

I dont understand it handles the big square ok yet the small one makes it masive, so I have to scale the smaller stuff ?

How do I scale it, scale3d in rhino it ?

surely there is something fundamentally wrong here with Rhino or Adobe or ?

anyone else care to try these, somehow I need to get rhino into photoshop. wish we had eps export as graphics vector apps have., worked perfect each time.


Can you post a picture of the dialog box that appears when you export to .ai?