PDF 1:1 scale not working correctly

I have problem with saving to pdf in 1:1 scale. I need to print it at 1500x3000mm paper. So I set custom 1500x3000mm size and 1:1 scale. File units are mm. Object to print has 1500x3000mm. But when I try to set printing window (window > set) it shows much larger printing area. What I am doing wrong?
Untitled.3dm (24.1 KB) Untitled.pdf (23.2 KB)

Also when I force window to object like this:

It change scale from 1:1 to this:

Any idea how to solve it and save PDF correctly?

Hello - I am not getting that behavior here so far…


It looks like you saving it by “print” option. I’ve tried to save it by file > “save as…” > pdf.
With print option it works but I think it should work with “save as” also.

Yeah - Export messes with the view - I am not sure if that is by design or not, I filed a bug report yesterday for svg export which has a similar problem.