PBR Material Appearance Asset Update - Coming Soon?


First off, I love Rhino Inside Revit, it’s the tool we’ve been wanting for so long, I’m enjoying it every time I open Revit.

I’m working on creating a custom PBR material library for Revit and I’ve noticed that the Grasshopper Create Material node is using the legacy material template. I’ve tried using a new PBR material as a material template but still the same issue, no option for normal map, advanced highlight control, etc.

Is there something I’m missing here or is it a simple case of waiting until the next version?


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Instead of creating materials in Grasshopper I’d author the materials in Rhino. You can reference these materials in Grasshopper through the custom display component.

The idea is to create many materials in Revit and keep that updated regularly as a custom library, the Revit nodes are really useful and powerful but just missing the PBR elements which I need for our renderings.

@mgreenep We are working on adding those as well. We added the legacy “Generic” shader first to release this feature and get the workflows tested with the users first. Next is support for the “Advanced” (or Prism) shaders in Revit. Coming soon :smiley: