Generation of materials from Grasshopper

Hi - first of all - great work @kike This is an absolutely brilliant plugin for Revit and you’ll no doubt know this already but we’ve been waiting YEARS for this kind of functionality from Grasshopper!

We’re testing a design pipeline and want to be able to automatically generate Revit materials from RGB values in grasshopper and assign them to families. Please correct me if I’ve missed it, however I can’t see if this is exposed in Rhino.Inside right now - is this possible or do we have to write something custom?


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We added Material.ByName and Material.ByColor components…
Those components are in the last installer here.

Does it help?

Perfect - thanks. I had to update RhinoWIP and update Rhino.Inside and it’s there!

Just Rhino.Inside Revit, nothing new on that aspect in Rhino WIP.