Pattern/grid within panel


I created a curved surface and a sinuscurve and split the surface with this.
I want to create a diagrid or hexagon paneling within that split surface but instead the diagrid paneling (lunchbox) is taking the whole surface and not only the split part (trimmed surface).
How can i do this or work around this?

I attached my files.

thanks in advance!
sinuscurve with pattern.3dm (868.7 KB)
sinuscurve with (13.8 KB)

Create a patch in the curve, extrude it in the right direction (if you manage to determinate it somehow) And then trim the surface with Solid Trim? I donno, just a wild guess…

Or you want the reverse?

Yes i want the reverse so within the ‘panel’, so every panel had its own grid instead of the whole surface
Will give it a try

Does it work for you like this then?

sinuscurve with (15.7 KB)

is there also a way to do this for all the surfaces at the same time, not just one at a time?
and also with hegagon grid?

Yeah just patch all the curves the rest is the same.

Still I am just improvising here, trimmed surfaces are troublesome. Maybe someone knows a better way.

you can try this

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thanks! will give it a try!