Panels not following a proper grid resulting in varied panel shapes

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Surface Domain Chord Distance for obtaining panel grids of uniform panel sizes.
The panel distribution looks good on the wider end of the surface but that unfortunately looses the structure once the surface turns towards the shorter end. What is the right approach in the case of the given surface ?
Is it possible to maintain the standard 1.5x4 rectangular grid with custom panels occurring only closer to the curved side of the surface ?

Thanks in advance


geometries internalized - (84.6 KB)


I deleted components that didn’t appear to be necessary and did this instead: (83.5 KB)

P.S. Another way, without Iso: (83.2 KB)

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for taking the time to provide a solution. I sincerely apologize for not mentioning earlier that ‘panellingtools’ and ‘lunchbox’ applications are part of this particular case. You understood the situation correctly, and now the panels are arranged exactly as I expected.

However, for this task, I also need to consider the irregular panels that are near the curve. Somehow, these irregular panels and some panels at the shorter end of the surface are being ignored.

I would appreciate any other workaround you might suggest.

There are anomalies in your base surface that cause more splits than expected in some cases, like branch 17 near the bottom. You can see them more clearly using the “Only draw preview geometry for selected objects” feature. (87.5 KB)

Probably need some way to ignore slivers.

P.S. Looks like only one extremely tiny “sliver”, that one in Branch #17.


P.P.S. There is no good reason to use any plugins for this :exclamation: It’s way too simple.

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I was attempting to learn those plugins through the
surface example seen here. But its great to learn the solution you provided.

Thanks Joseph

Not the first time I’ve seen plugins used when native components will do the job, as well or better. Plugins are a last resort as far as I’m concerned. A deeper understanding of GH will result when you don’t reach for plugins first.

Here is yet another way to do this that eliminates sliver fragments on the right (long straight edge). (96.0 KB)

It looks complicated but most of it is a setup for the intersecting planes at the bottom. Note the Shift List before the red component that removes the first plane on the right.


The purple group is merely cosmetic.

P.S. I’d like to see a good example of Paneling Tools (PTComponentLibrary) that’s demonstrably better than standard GH components?

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I bumped into a little problem with the irregular panels near the curve.

Tried avoiding those fragmented surfaces/panels on one half by adding them with one of the panels before them and increasing their area.

But that approach is inefficient for the other half given the unusual ordering of the panels seen using the ‘point list’ numbering.

Would appreciate a smart fix in order to increase the area of the fragmented panels near the curve.

Thanks in advance.
Surfaces-Panels irregular and not (413.4 KB) DEPRECATED for better labels (below)

P.S. Better labels (purple group): (443.7 KB)

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