Need help! Seamless rounded lines pattern, Chinese old school cloud style

20220803 Chinese old school cloud (5.8 KB)

I found this interesting pattern by accident, but I don’t know who invented it, and what name is it. It’s easy to do it by hand, but how to deal with it by grasshopper. Can anyone give some tips or tricks on it? Thanks a lot!
Best wishes!

This could be a start on a solution:

or maybe just a trip down a rabbit hole. (13.3 KB)

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Interesting, I will try to use shatter lines, then get some connection lines, and finally offset polyline.

Here is a way to replicate that, not exactly, there are surely others parameter involved in order to achieve better looking.

This use mainly the graph mapper and proximity.

What do you mean by seamless ?
If you want it seamless (for a texture) you could use the torus trick.
patternline offset .gh (18.9 KB)


20220803 Chinese cloud style halftone lines (21.9 KB)

I just found a way to make partials of it, just in case anyone else needs this

Hey !

I know you found your answer, but I wanted to give this a try !

I also went for a grid (somewhat similar @laurent_delrieu) and added a couple of modifiers and rules to cull points and bridge gaps. I used clipper like you both did at the end. (24.9 KB)
I inverted two functions since I made the video… but it shouldn’t change much :slight_smile:

Hope it helps !


Cool man, nice try, really inspired!