Path for several elements


i need to simulate a vertical storage (like for rolls carpet…)… i don’t find the solution to synchronize the tubes, i want them on the curve…

All idea is welcome !!..

Thanks a lot for your answers… Can i post an image of what i need ?

Please post an image, files and final intent.

Welcome Fred,
Looking at your topic’s title I think I see your enigma.
You are using a Simple Constraint (‘To Path’ or ‘LookAlong’) with multiple objects on the same path curve.

The trick is to adjust the parameters of each Object’s Constraint.

In this example Scenobim.3dm (60.7 KB) Object 0 travels from 0.0000 to 0.7536561 (0.7536561 being 1.000 minus 0.2463439) while Object 3 travels from 0.2463439 to 1.0000. Object 1 travels from 0.0821146 to 0.8357707 (again a distance of 75.36561% of the length of the path) etc… Hence each object gets its particular position on the path curve.

The easiest workflow to modify the parameters (in this case) is:

  • Install Object 0 with the initial constraint and default parameters 0.00 and 1.00
  • Set the timelineslider at tick 99 (the end of the travel), go into Animation mode and drag Object 0 down (along the path) for a distinct distance (in this case 3 times the diameter of the tubes = 7.646 centimeters
  • Exit animation mode.
  • Make a copy of Object 0 (simply using Rhino’s Copy command) and select the new Object 1.
  • In Animation mode, with the timelineslider respectively at tick 0 and 99, drag Object 1 into the desired start end end location.
  • Apply the same procedure for the other tubes.

In the keyframeEditor, you’ll see that by using this technique the objects gets additional Position data. This is a bug, … but since the Weight of this data is set to 0.00 it luckily doesn’t have any influence on the actual behavior of the object. Nevertheless I have a habit of deleting this Position data.


PS To add a picture or sample-file to a topic of this forum, just drag it into the edit window.

Thank you very much for your answer !!

i must bake all before because i do the configuration of the storage with grasshopper at 100%.

I will send to you the result, and please… a little indulgence… it’s my second day with Bongo !..

Thanks a lot and have a nice day !


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