Advice for moving an object along a path


The barge (red)

  • go down (during loading)
  • move horizontally and then move up (because of ballasts)
    The barge should stay horizontal during the animation.

The selected curve (yellow) is the path.
In dark, intermediate positions of the barge for better understanding.

How should I do ?
Thanks, Alan

Here is the moving barge along curve.3dm (228.0 KB) Rhino file.

(Luc Adriaenssen) #2

You can make the bark child of a proxy which is subject of the AlongPath movement. The bark itself can move (up, down, horizontal etc…) relative to the proxy.
moving barge along curve 001.3dm (158.4 KB)


Hi Luc, working and enough simple ! Thanks a lot.

I wanted to avoid exploding the curve in two parts (vertical and rest of displacement) but as you have certainly tested, ‘Look Along Z Up’ does not give the expected result in this case. I was about to manage two paths but your way, mixing position move and path, is much easier.