Animating train help


I have a train that I want to follow a curved path. The problem is that it has multiple cars so some cars will sometimes veer off of the path. Is there a way I can constrain all the cars to follow the path?

(Marika Almgren) #2

Please have a look at the Simple Roller Coaster example model on this page:


I’m really new to animation. Could someone post a quick step by step to this as I’m really having problems duplicating it.


OK - I’ve worked out how to get 3 points to follow a 2D path keeping the same distance - but how do I translate this to a 3D path (my “lorry” needs to be able to go up a hill).

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If you want something to go up the hill, you’ll have to make a curve that goes up the hill and make the animated objects follow that curve.



I could not access the Simple Roller Coaster example on that link. Could you provide another link please?

Thank you

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Here you go:
BongoIK_SimpleRollerCoaster.3dm (218.1 KB)