Display Settings

Does anyone have the display settings (on PC) they can export for me to use on the Mac?
I’m looking for the display mode that created this:

Mac Rhino does not yet have tools for reading or writing the INI files used to import working display modes.

Dang! I could really use the extra modes.

I haven’t experimented enough yet with manually adding custom display modes to see how close you could get to that Blueprint look.

I expect it’s some variation of Artistic, change the background image to the textured blue, tweak the colors and line weights, etc. However, I’m not sure the parallel line shadow mode is enabled for Mac, so you might need to do without the shadows.


Display modes such as these really help a favourable presentation to the client. I would be nice if these features were developed more.

you can find the files here and installation guide of that blue print


Go to the Tools menu > Options >View > Display Modes page and click Import

False !!!

I would love to know where I can import view settings on the Mac eddi.

the command ImportPreferences can do it now (a recent ability… maybe only in the WIP)

that said, there’s not a great method of sharing individual display modes… for me to share a display mode with you, i’d have to send my whole .plist of which you’d only import the display modes from it (all of them)…

that said, it’s still an awesome feature for those using multi computer setups and wanting to keep them in sync

the background is this: (found via @amin_khormaei’s link)

using @Helvetosaur’s tip as it being based off Artistic mode, you can arrive at this quickly:
(just change the image and make all the lines/curves/silhouettes white )

[edit]-- well, maybe don’t change actual artistic mode… first, in display preferences, select Artistic then click the plus button at the bottom… this will create a duplicate/custom mode which you can then edit.

correct about no parallel line shadows on Mac… the above is shown with dark blue colored shadows instead.