Display Modes

hello forum, 2 questions about extra display modes

  1. is it possible to import the ini files of the blueprint and blackboard display modes into Rhino Mac, if so, how ?
  2. I have attached a screenshot of a blended display, is this possible in Rhino ?

No idea about this!

Probably possible, but this is most surely done in Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other graphics program. The backplate here is probably a photo and the lines where drawn over it. The background was then faded out with a white to transparent gradient or something.

If you start from a Rhino model and don’t have any photos, you can setup a view/perspective and save it. This is important for lining everything up later!
In this viewport, you now perform a Make2D command on your 3D model to get all visible lines only. After that you can adjust some inaccuracies and add for instance window hatches like in the above example.
Then you need to produce a rendering from the exact same view in Rhino Cycles or any other 3D app with rendering capabilities.
The last step is overlay everything, let’s say in Illustrator, and introduce the fade out effect.

I also use Vectorworks, and played with ‘layering’ a couple of different display viewports on each, results are attached. Was thinking hey, why can’t Rhino do this :thinking:
Hoping someone from McNeel can help with importing the ini blueprint and chalkboard display modes ?

@dan @pascal you guys any ideas from my original questions ?

Hi Miles -

  1. Importing of the Blueprint / Blackboard display modes:
  • There’s a problem importing ini files that are created on the Windows platform. RH-49144.
  • You can use the background picture and compose the display mode on Mac but there’s also a problem with the parallel lines shading - RH-40407.
  1. Blended display. I suppose that’s now somewhat possible in the WIP by using a gradient hatch with transparency. You’ll first have to render your view, then create Make2D output of that same view and put those together with a half-way tranparent gradient hatch:

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thanks for chipping in Wim, yes the blended view I did in Vectorworks was a similar method to what you describe here, I’ll have a play in Mac WIP too :slight_smile:

as for the blueprint and chalkboard display modes for Rhino Mac I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a fix soon, cheers :beers: