Patch layout question (car hood)

Hello! I’ve been trying to get a deeper grasp on surfacing. I came up with an exercice I’m unable to solve. It’s a car hood that I want to put 2 creases into. The first one worked fine. I simply split the surface with a curve, used shrinkSrf and refitTrim and pulled some cvs, then made a blend. For the sevond one I tried the same (the smaller crease on the back of the hood) , but I can’t get the surfaces to match… I’m sure my patch layout logic is the problem.

I would be thankful for some insight, or pointing me towards some good reference information on the subject.
Thanks in advance.

Hood.3dm (510.2 KB)

I somehow made it work, but had to compromise the original design and I feel I stumbled upon the solution.
Hood.3dm (6.6 MB)