Rhino 5 -Trying to substract/merge surfaces for car rim


I am having trouble merging 2 surfaces. I have a surface which is the layout of the car rim design, next I have a surface on a different layer with the holes cut out and made a surface out of this. I have tried a few different ways to either split, merge or drape over. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks9-17 rim curve network.3dm (968.7 KB)

Oof. This needs a little bit of a re-think - I’ll try to set up something that looks about right - hold on a bit.

@cpduvern - is this approximately what you’re after?

9-17 rim_Maybe.3dm (151.2 KB)
@cpduvern - V5 file this time.


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Kind of, the curves on the holes are not the same all the way around the rim which is why I used the curves instead.

Hello - but for a given hole shape -is that the effect you are looking for? You can make them any shape you like, the solution will be about the same, I just want to know if I’m on the right track.


Yes, that is what a am looking for, I am digitizing the curves to get exactly the same shape as the rim.


Ah. That adds some complication, to be sure. I was wondering if those were digitized curves. Well, obviously it is even harder without the thing to look at, but the curves tell me there is a deformed but more or less straight tube shape making the inner surface and then transitions surfaces out to the outer face and the inner surface, what ever that is. I’d build it that way if possible. Deternmine the shape if the inner ‘tube’ by digitizing around it.


Ok, thank you so much, for the model you sent me, did you create the curves and use curve network for the surface to follow?


Hello - I made the curves - the roundy ones, and lofted them together using the Loose style in the Loft dialog, then MatchSrfthe outer edge to the outer face, for curvature.

Here’s another approach, more like what I described one post up - the transtions are a BlendSrf at the top and a FilletSrf at the bottom (to an arbitrary revolved inner face I made - it’s on its own layer). The upper transitions could be made in a variety of ways… I took the quick and dirty one by way of an example of how you might lay out the surfaces.

9-17 rim_Maybe II.3dm (173.6 KB)

Yes, Thank you, got it to work as I wanted!