Help with a five sided patch

I’m having a spot of bother getting a decent surface/surfaces into this five sided hole. I’ve tried dividing it to get two four sided regions but that didn’t work too well (couldn’t get it smooth).

It’s the kind of problem the real experts do in there sleep but it still stumps me. In the past I would’ve just chucked a patch in there but I’d like to do better.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

5 Sided Patch.3dm (186.3 KB)

check out sky greenawaldts videos series… he gives several solutions to this that are the industry standard for handling this particular modeling problem.

If you want to throw tech at it, xnurbs is the ticket.

I typically handle these conditions with at least one trim surface.


Thanks, Kyle.

I’ve watched every minute of Sky’s whole series of videos and they are fabulous (actually I think there is the most recent one I haven’t caught up on yet). They really are the impetuous behind my trying to do it right!

I’ll watch them again - never wasted time.

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Thanks, for the suggestion Stratofear. That’s a good approach.

I tried dividing where you have to get two four sided regions but I didn’t do the extended trim into the revolved surface. I expect that will give me more room to achieve smooth matches.

Thanks again - I’ll give that a try.

Errr- unless you have a trim patch that we are not seeing- that should not be a 5 side surface but a more straightforward 4 sided blend

Thanks for your comment, Thomas, but I’m not sure I follow. Would you mind elaborating a little please?

Your shape looks like it should be constructed with 1-2 4 sided surfaces.


Thanks, thomas. Yes, that might work if I can get it to fit with the existing geometry. This is a modification to an existing component so I want to maintain as many of the original surfaces as I can.

I’ll give it a try - thanks for the suggestion.

I decided to throw tech at it and downloaded the xNurbs trial. Very impressed.

When I have a bit more time I will return to it and see if I can work out how to do. Sky makes it look so damn easy in his videos (I know it isn’t all too well).

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