Partially Solid Hatch also Flowing Directional?

Is it anyhow possible to create a hatch that follows a direction like along aline as seen below, that it also has solid hatches every second step? I could not find any and I wonder how these are generated usually. Autocad may have this option, but i don’t have it handy currently and I would rather like to create that in Rhino.

Currently I am using ArrayCrv with several lines then hatch each 2nd block manually, which is crazy for bigger parts… any ideas?

Hello - I don’t see how to do this in plain Rhino… I can imagine a script might be able to automate what you have done though.


thanks Pascal, that may be out of reach for now, but I wonder if that has never been requested since it is rather essential for architectural detail drawings.

if only one could set the dashed lines precise to any kind of line weight. also in mm, being able to explode them.

by the way your avatar is now white with a black robot… better visible that is in the darkness.

hum - that is how it always looks here. Oh. Dark theme…
It may be possible to make (fake) a sort of dashed line of precise width with hatches- I have to think about that…


@pascal did you have a go at this?

Added to RH-29232.

thanks wim

@encephalon let me know if this works…
it started simple but in the end turned out pretty nasty to make it work for all types of lines, but then there was no way back anymore :-). There is some error checking but it is not extensive, but should work in most cases. Assumes working in mm and in world top (6.1 KB)
improved version here


thats awesome, thanks @Gijs

one wish still, that the distance of each block can be also set, if thats complicated at least 2 from each other distinguishable settings. if its still too complicated dont worry, its already pretty helpful.

one little bug when you have kinks in the curves the ends seem to get extended resulting in extra long segments which is a bit akward, if i rebuild the curve to a continuous it is of course ok again.

Feel free to edit the code :wink:

What you need to change is where it reads scale*5

If line width is set to 1 this means dashes will be approx. 5mm (approx because eventually divide each sub curve by length)

If you send me the curves that fail I can take a look

yup got it, and save it as a 2nd script that both are at hand thanks!

here a simple curve which shows that issue, they are unjoined, but the result is the same when joined.

Untitled.3dm (3.4 KB)

improved version with length-option :slight_smile: (6.6 KB)

now generates half-lengths at the ends, so that corners are similar in length:


you are the best @Gijs thanks a bunch, fancy and very useful now.

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good to hear. Let me know if other types of linestyles are useful.

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