Hatches in blocks change direction

I’ve noticed that hatches sometimes change direction inside of blocks. Has anyone else seen this?

Hi Brennan,
I have not see this.

Would you be able to attach a small file and the steps that will replicate this issue?
Is this Rhino 5 or 6?

Thanks for your help.

Mary Ann Fugier
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I might be able to soon, I’m a bit swamped so hopefully someone else will be able to chime in if I forget. Not too big of a deal :slight_smile:


just came across the same issue. Any ideas about what s happening?

Rhino file (RH6) attached:
190318_Hatch.3dm (72.2 KB)

Steps as follows:
1 - create a hatch. copy paste it next to it.
2 - use the block command on one of them.
3 - double click the block to edit. Do not adjust anything and close the blockedit dialogue by pressing ok.
4 - one hatch should be rotated by 90 or -90 degrees.

Repeat the last 2 steps once to get the hatch displayed as is was originally intended.

Thanks, @Tudor for all the details and the file.
This issue is easily repeatable with the steps and the file.

The bug was logged under RH-51516.
As soon as the developer looks at it, it may be opened for public viewing and I will post the link.

Mary Ann Fugier

Great! thanks for looking into it!

Hi Tudor,
The developers are working on this now.
They have requested the .PAT file that has the a-insulation hatch definition.

A-insulation does is not distributed with Rhino.
Thanks for your help.

Mary Ann Fugier

I’d like that hatch as well :slight_smile:

Insulation hatch.3dm (27.8 KB)

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Much oblidged

HI Brennan,
No problem. It was able to be fixed with just the 3dm file. The issue was with the transformation on the hatch that was corrected in sr15

You will see the fix in Service Release 15.
So if your Options -> Updates and Statistics are set to Release Candidate daily you should see it by next Wednesday.

Anyone that want to use the insulation hatch can download the ar_insultation file attached.
Insert this file into a model or template where you want to use this hatch.
Verify the Ar_insultation will be in your hatch list. You can delete the file you inserted.

To use it, assign the hatch scale the height of the rectangle which is the thickness of the wall.
And put the hatch base in the lower left corner. You can do this while creating the hatch or when editing it.

ar_insulation.3dm (52.0 KB)
There are other ways to get a hatch pattern in your file, but IMO this is the easiest.

This is a shareware hatch pattern that has been passed around the internet for a few decades.
Hope it works for you.
Mary Ann Fugier

Thanks for getting back and glad it’s solved and resolved :slight_smile: