Autocad hatch at least into lines in rhino

I have this autocad file with a hatch and I always prefer rhino nowadays but when I import that one it doesnt show, it looses a lot of information. The hatch is concrete-like red but there are green lines in the outline, im perfectly fine skipping the patterns but at least I want the outlines but I cannot get it right.

Does anyone know how I can at least get the lines?

Hi Goran - can you post the file or send it to

thanks, -Pascal

Explode the hatches before importing to rhino might help you in some cases. Also save as older formats in dwg.

DupBorder, will get you the outline of a hatch…

Hi guys.
I was being lazy, I tried explode ONCE but after I did it several times it worked just fine. Sorry about not trying harder before posting.