Part Balloons, Item call outs and BOM's

Hi All,

A question from a co worker was posed to me today and so I have been doing some research and have come up empty. The question was “can Rhino associate a part balloon (text field with #) to an Object or assembly or objects, show the item # (lets say #1) in the balloon on the layout, and then associate another text field (the Description of an object in a BOM) to that part balloon so it displays the Object name and item #. Then if the part balloon is changed due to adding an item to the assembly then the associated text in the BOM will auto update due to the changes to either the model (object associated to the balloon) and or properties associated to the part balloon?”.

I started looking around and could do a very basic version of this without any “active” or “update-able” association to the model.

Any suggestions?

Hope I explained it well enough to understand.

Cheers my dears.

Hi Dan - not easily - text fields + user text and some scripting might get you there but there is no built in tool that will take care of all of this.