List of parts on 3D drawing

Hello everyone, the biggest fault of Rhino, its lack of a real function listing all the parts forming part of a drawing, example in piping, a list of all the elements making up a line, elbow, tee, valves etc, Is there a plugin to correct this?

have you got an example how such a drawing should look like? from what i see is that you are talking about annotation which Rhinos is definitely capable of, but it is not fully clear to me what you are trying to say.

I proposed a “Copy names” function for the “Select by name” tool several times over the past years, but unfortunately, this is not yet implemented.

I expect Courtois wants the kind of BOM functionality that you find in the MCAD packages like SolidWorks/Inventor/SolidEdge etc.
I would certainly like this kind of functionality too, trying to put together a list of parts for the piping in a power plant right now and doing it manually is excruciating

You may get some milage out of this thread where Mary shared a Python script:

Haven’t had the opportunity to try it out myself yet, but it might be worth a shot

We need a little bit more of explanation what you exactly need. Something like a BOM generator or something similar?

We have a full solution that handles everything, from CNC cutting of structures, parts and stiffners.
We can tweak it for your piping drawings.
You can view the software on my channel Farouk Serragedine - YouTube


Hello, sorry for my late response, indeed I am looking for a function which will automatically list the elements or possibly the selected elements.

Hello, sorry for my late response, how much does your function cost to list the parts?

Hi @Courtois
I have replied to your DM.

Here is an example of BOM extracted solely from Rhinoceros 3d model.
Custom BOM example (18.6 MB)

I have reached out via DM in case you need a custom tailored BOM that is extracted automatically from the 3d model.
You can reach out to me via email at should you need any software development services, including a custom made BOM for you.



You don’t have any custom BOM type programing for the stone industry do you…?


Hi Brian (@bwheeler) ,

Yes, we can definitely create a custom BOM software tailored specifically for the stone industry. We can work with you to understand your exact needs and develop a solution that meets your requirements.

I’d be happy to schedule a call to discuss further and provide a quote. Please reach out to me via email at and we can set something up.

Rest assured, we can create a custom BOM solution that fits your industry and needs perfectly.


Thank you for the reply…I’ll work up something in the next few days and reach out to you.