BOM List Using Object Name

in my rhino model I have named all my parts by applying a name in the part properties.
Is there is a native command in rhino that will export all the part names to a CSV or an excel spreadsheet sort of mimicking a BOM list ?

Hi Dax - export the objects to ‘object properties’ file (csv)- there are options of what to export, including object name.


Legend, that is exactly what im after.
Thanks for the quick response Pascal

@pascal is there a way to add more attributes to this Part Name ? For example, can we get more properties under object?? should I be looking into attribute user text (which I don’t understand)?

Basically trying to achieve how i can add the following attributes to an object property, quanity, description, item #, cut length… to start… and somehow get that plugged in just like the “NAME” and then be able to export that and choose those attributes for my export…

Yes, I would say so -

You’d set a key to ‘Quantiity’ and the value to the relevant number; key to ‘Description’ and value to ‘This is a special thing, don’t worry about it’ or whatever the relevant text is, etc.

Does that make sense with what you are asking?


Yes this helps me tremendously begin to understand this. So is this feature here to help us export data to a table? the FX (functions) can I add my own? instead of block instance count… I’d like to have NAME COUNT. AND, do these functions work on their own? Or do I need to manually go in and give it that Value?? Thanks @pascal

Hello - you don’t get to add your own fX, no. Key value pairs, out of the box, will be manual, but scripting, depending on what you’re up to, can automate adding and retrieving the key/value pairs.