Descriptor fields for part notes (PLM related)

Hi all,

Is there anything other than Notes to keep track of relevant info of a part? I’m thinking of a small spreadsheet or something. I am trying to incorporate Rhino into a large PLM environment.

@Admins - this might want to be moved to Developer or Scripting?

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Ive been asking for on and off for a BOM that works, which is incorporated into the layouts and works with excel. If done right I think this would be the answer to your question. And it ever happens Ill be very happy.

Until then Ive been using “tables” from the plug in Rhino Piping, It free and is useful. The Rhino Piping pluging itself may have something that you could use as well. Rhino piping itself is not free

“Peters Tools” may be of use to you as well.

I was afraid of that. We have lots of users, and getting a plugin installed on everyone’s machine is probably not going to happen.

We use Adept to interact with Solidworks. It can read fields in the SW document, and even push field info/revisions TO the SW document. Our Rhino files rely on a manual organization and, well, we’re only human so that doesn’t always work so well.


We have lots Rhino users too, and a most if not all of the Rhino users also have the latest rev of Catia, or Solidworks, or Inventor, or Unigraphics also. The others programs are used for PLM, and also our customers expect us to have those programs. Rhino is for creating.

I feel your pain. I have Solid works as well as Rhino and use Rhino all most exclusively, but keep Solidworks because I also need the PLM