Parametric Vaulted Ceiling

hello everyone,
i often happen to model stone buildings, typical of different regions of italy, with vaulted ceilings of different types. The most like is undoubtedly the “a crociera” vault, these ceilings often cover rooms with non-regular geometries and therefore necessary to adapt them. It would be interesting to develop a script that allows the vaults to be adapted to various floor plans.
It would be interesting later to be able to model the individual stone bricks that make it up parametrically.

Below I attach several images conme reference:

  1. Vaulted “a crociera” ceiling plan and section

  2. Photos of different types vaulted celings


  3. Plan of buildings with vaulted ceiling

of course there are often more irregular planes.

I have tried to create a grasshopper script that from a library of basic modeled vaults with the MorphBox command adapts the vaults to irregular floor plans but I often find inconsistencies.

You can see how in the image the imput box highlighted in yellow in plans is irregular but the geometry created remains regular. I don’t know why that is.

I am attaching some sites where you can find more explanation about vaults:

This is a script developed for Archicad

I also read the very helpful post on this type of times mail my problem is more complex, for sure it is a very good starting point.

No doubt it is easier to start from standard 3d models of regular star vaults that I have already developed and create a script to fit them to different irregular plants.

thx for your patience.

I don’t know why but none of your links work for me? Since this link is to a thread/post I created, I’ll try to make it work: (just copy/paste the URLs into the post editor, no need to use the ‘Hyperlink’ feature)

could you please post that file, with internalized geometries?

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Cross posting…

I developed a pEllipse cluster to create “pointed ellipse” curves. It took some hacking to make it a “well behaved”(?) drop-in replacement for the standard Ellipse component. (35.4 KB)

pointed_arch_2022Sep24b (18.0 KB)

It is defnitly a good solution but i would like to find something more adaptive also for different kind of celling whith detail like the one in phots:

also, whats the best way to model a well made geomtrey of the pictures above? that can be used as base for a “libray” to adapt at irregualer shapes

this is defnitley a good solution for vaulted ceiling created by clean intersection of two geomtries