Parametric stadium roof with form finding

Here is stadium roof demonstration i made for a group of structural engineers a few years ago. Our team worked on a stadium like this and and I put this script together as a reflective exercise to demonstrate how the geometry could be flexibly modelled using grasshopper, and as a teaching example. I thought this might be of interest here.

There is a parametric setout and form finding component using Kangaroo. The outputs are baked using Elefront and attributes which allows them to be easily referenced and reused later in other scripts. (for example structural analysis or documentation workflows) Something like this would usually broken into at least three scripts and worksessioned Rhino files, however but i brought them together for the demonstration.

The Kangaroo form finding was set up very much to match expected results by eye for a given setout. I’d be keen to hear how others would approach this!


grasshopper file (129.5 KB)


Hi Dharman,
Big fan of yours for a while now on these forums.
Great work!

Thanks @JamesPapa it’s not the same without you here. Hope your traveling well.

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Cool stuff.
Thanks for sharing.

Amazing work.
Thanks for posting this to the forum.