British Museum Roof - London

Dear lovely community,

I have been wondering if its possible to learn how to do British Museum Roof geometry through Grasshopper and Kangaroo alone.

I tried finding step to step guides on how to make it but almost none are there. I found one that uses Python but I dont know anything about Python sadly.

If anything was posted previously about it, please do share.

Would appreciate it very much !

I searched the forum for British Museum Roof and found this:

How are meshes like this created? - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

Seen already?


In the thread Martin links above, the user was referring to the example file
found here:


Beautiful. Thank you so much, Martin & Daniel !! <3

Maybe this could be off interest

It is very much so, but the beauty of using Kangaroo is the fact that I can Loft or create a surface/mesh between a polyline curve (outter) and a circular shaped curve (Inner) in the center.