Grasshopper/Kangaroo/Mesh UV: Form finding Mesh

Dear all,
I use Kangaroo to find a form of a roof by joining 2 groups A & B (reverted umbrella shape). Each group generated by loft 3 curves 1,2,3.

The form is almost close to what I need. However there are little issues at P & Q and the result is not smooth.

I attach the model and gh here. Any help would be appreciated.
roof (26.6 KB)
Roofissue.3dm (1.7 MB)
Thank you.

The result is not smooth because the meshes are not joined at that seam as they have different edge counts where they meet.
You need to build the initial mesh so that it doesn’t have gaps or t-junctions before relaxing.

I had a look at your file and it can be simplified a lot. (18.5 KB)

There is no need to start by modelling the tube part as a separate mesh - you can simply relax the loft between the upper and lower boundaries and the tube shape forms naturally.
I also added a slider to control the ratio between warp and weft strength that affects the shape of the tubes.


Thank you Daniel. It’s what I’m looking for !!