Parametric Roof with glass

Hello guys, hope everyone is well.

I am a newbie with both Rhino and Grasshopper and I’m trying to build an organic shaped roof for my building. It is supposed to be wooden framed and have glass on top on some areas only. This is basically what I’m trying to achieve

and this is how my roof looks atm

I am struggling with finding a way of creating those little supports for the glass and the glass itself.

Maybe someone might have some indications or some tutorials to share :smiley:

Thank you !

For the metal support you need create it in Rhino than i Grasshopper create normal lines in every point than use Flow to distribute the support
You can use Lunchbox and Weaverbird. (23.1 KB)

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Thank you so much for this. it helps a lot.
However, I was also wondering is there any way I can select which bits of the waffle structure I don’t want covered by glass.

If you have the boundaries of the parts that you don’t want covered them with glass you can use centers of the glass and find the closest points to these boundaries than cull the glass. (24.6 KB)

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Hello Diana, we loved your grasshopper exploration. We are architecture students and would love to see the final model you have shown in lumion render. Could you share the same with us for learning purposes?