Control Points and Grasshopper

Hey everyone,

I am trying to add panels to my surface in Grasshopper, however, the panels are following the shape’s control points.

Is there any way to avoid this without having to redo the shape?

Thank you!

Hi Diana,

What would you like the panels to follow instead of the given point order?



I don’t know if that is possible, i don’t fully understand how GH works, just started using it about a week ago.
But what I want is to divide the VISIBLE shape into panels.

As you can see underneath there is a waffle structure with the same shape, I used contours that i extruded to create that. I thought that if the contour lines would just follow that shape, it would work the same for the panels, I didn’t expect to get such a shape as in the first picture.

Basically, i do not want the panels to exceed the green shape

thats cool! hope you stay with us;)

well, as your surface is a trimmed surface, behind the trim there’s still the untrimmed surface. The TriA element is dividing the surfaces u and v direction and draws the pattern on it without respecting eventual trims. otherwise it’s really difficult to obtain a regular patten following the borders without heavy calculations.

  1. if you need the surface to be more acurate, then increase the u and v values of the pattern element.
  2. the most efficient from my point of view right now would be to duplicate the surface edge, project it on the pattern surface and retrim manually before taking it back to grasshopper.

hope that helps


if you don’t get where you want, try to make a sketch of what you want and attach the file please.
(i’m saying that because there are different ways how the desired panel could follow the border curve)

hope that helps


Thank you so much for taking the time!

I’ve been trying so many options for the last few days nothing really seems to work. I have posted previously and got a solution for what I want to achieve, I just can’t apply it to my shape, cause of those points.
Ok so here is sketch:

Inspiration from reality:

Also, previous post:

And these are the rhino and gh files:

I also tried baking the contour lines, I found the intersection points in between them and i thought i could create like multiple 4 point surfaces? does that make sense?

hey again,

I tried to make more or less what you want (I think) in 3 different ways, depending what pattern you would like to create. I think the third solution is the one you’re looking for as you can still use the different patterns elements.

waffle (23.0 KB)

BTW, yes, your solution with the intersections etc makes perfectly sense. well thought! it’s one of the solutions, but strangely there are some points missing, I think because you have like 800 units and a tolerance issue. however, I think the projection will work more reliable.

hope that helps



Thank you so much for this. The third solution is indeed what I need.

However, when I bake it it still takes the shape of the contour points paths?

no, it doesnt.
you are already having the border curve though, so worst case you can split the border curve with the points and use the created segments.

do you wanted it completely parametric or would that solution be ok for you?