Grasshopper Curved truss roof

I am trying to make a roof which is curved in several ways.
I wanted to make the construction with grasshopper but I do not know how to do it. I would like to make a triangulated truss of it! Is there maybe somebody who could help me out? The pictures of the building is my reference. Is there some one who can make a grasshopper file of it, the grasshopper picture I send is not mine and I can’t read it!



If you understand this, it’s no problem to change it for triangulated truss.

Or this. Think, that’s what you wanted.

If you still have Problems after the tutorials, upload your file (internalise data) and somebody will help you.
This is really basic, YouTube and google are full of it.

Thanks, yes i mean the second one! These are my curves in rhino. Do you know the grasshopper code?

roof rhino.3dm (3.8 MB)

Your surface has too big of a curvature to work with an off of the shelf def. Here is a ready made space frame def (created by Dana Krystle). Test it out first with a flat surface so you can get the general idea. Then experiment with more double curvature. Finally refine it to suit your needs.

Space (13.8 KB)

Actually the deffiniton I have posted managed to work with your surface. However, too much computational time and some crazy results due to the extreme curvature. Test it out, but you will have some cleaning up to do.

That code can be improved with two simple changes.

  1. Make the offset slider real (“R”) instead of integer (“I”) and change its value from 4 to 0.5.

  1. The more reasonable offset value reduces the profiler benchmark from ~10+ minutes to 52 seconds! But that can be improved further (significantly!) by replacing ‘Area C’ with ‘EvalSrf P’ as follows; the points are not identical but are close enough that the difference is unnoticeable.

Space (18.8 KB)


thank you so much!

why not just do the 10 min tutorial ?

Awesome :slight_smile: