Bundle/Growth Tower (need some help parametrically)

I had an idea of creating a tower that encompasses the idea of a tower that effectively rises from the ground in a bundle-like fashion (kind of like vines growing on a trellis). I can create this in rhino manually, but the process of creating different iterations is incredibly time-taxing. Therefore, I was looking to start doing this parametrically, I’m not sure if this is possible, but would like to learn.

I have attached my current manual attempt at making such building an would ideally like it to capture the same proportions/appearance as this (but as a massing and not floor plates):

I have also attached my current working file below:
bundle tower.3dm (283.9 KB)


Sure you can do this parametrically but its not a beginner’s endeavour. Feel free to message me and I could try and build an algorithm.

Hey Mkate!
I am working on something similar and would really appreciate if you could share/email your model for rhino 6 version.
Would really help me at my thesis.

Thank you!