Parametric modelling around 3D body - Wearables

Hey Rhino Forum!

Very new to Rhino, and this is my 2nd time posting on the forum!

I got into 3D modelling recently as I’d love to experiment with 3D printed wearable clothing pieces, I am very inspired by an artist called Nusi Quero, particularly this piece Nusi Quero on Instagram: "My first drop is live right now. 21.5 hours left, this is the only time I’ll be selling this design so reckon u should consider this priceless investment in effective armor against the incoming swarms of white boy summer Fuccbois and Goobers. Link in bio I luv u"

I was just wondering if I could pay someone to step by step walk me through this process? I’m having trouble learning elsewhere and don’t really know where to start.

Any input or advice here is appreciated, much love!

  • Will

… and your second post is identical to your first…