Footwear Sneaker Modo/Rhino7

Here are some student work after only one class of Rhino/Modo
All model in Rhino, Stiches, Lacing and Render using Modo!
None of them had previous 3d experience

Quadremesher was a life saver. If only it could retains UV :frowning:
(10 sessions of 3hr)


This is very nice! I’d like to share this with a colleague. Is that possible?

Oh … sorry there’s the means to do it right in front of me!

That’s impressive! And we all know that behind great students stands an even greater teacher :wink:

Yes for sure

oh your sweet, i ll take the compliment, tx !

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outstanding work, i am interested in knowing what kind of class/course you are teaching as i myself would like to work in as well in the field.

I teach for Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada
But i have a youtube channel, feel free to check it out

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