Parametric lamp

Hi, I need to do such a sphere in Grasshopper. I’m a beginner. Can anyone tell me what tools should I use? Maybe there’s a code somewhere to do this. Thank you and please help:(

Have you tried to make it in life, Rhino or in Grasshopper? How far did you get?

Are you familiar with the Icosahedron? Can you see any similarities?
Give it a try

I can see the image is from a tutorial - what can be learned from it?


I did it with paper 🙂 but I have to do it in a grasshopper and I don’t know how to start. I’m just starting to learn this program. however watching tutorials on youtube i still dont know how to start

First you need to create an icosahedron, which is a Platonic solid.
After that you need to divide each side or edge of each triangular face into three segments, which will give you the points of a truncated icosahedron, something that looks like a football. You only need the big resulting hexagons though.
Then for each of the bigger hexagonal cells, you need to go through its edges one by one and find the intersections of each edge with the second next edge in front of it, this will give you the three points of the final, big, intersecting triangles.

Making the slits is the hard part, but I believe that for manufacturing you really only need a single, slitted triangle, and since you can rotate and flip it, it’s probably going to fit everywhere.

Once you have the icosahedron, it’s pretty straightforward to do!

I dug out an old Python script of mine that spits out an icosahedron, but you might as well use some plug-in to start. It’s up to you.

What’s still missing is the slit part, which might be - as already mentioned above - the most difficult task. (13.7 KB)

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Because of the symmetry, for the slits all you need is a cut 1/3 of the way along each edge, going half-way across.
To make the cutting pattern I think there’s no real need for grasshopper here. (14.0 KB)
(also showing a funky alternative way to make the icosahedron)