Creating this pattern with grasshopper

How can I create this shape with the ordinary (default) components of grasshopper that can be rendered?

this is not really a pattern.
it is

icoasaedron (14.4 KB)


You are nice, sir

I admire such the proficiency and knowledge

Thank you so much for your instruction :slight_smile:

without plugins (10.9 KB)

and if you do want to explore other polyhedra - RhinoPolyhedra has many

edit - an alternative way without the mystery numbers (9.3 KB)

actually, just noticed I gave a different polyhedron. The one in the original image is (11.6 KB)


MeshSphere is a rhino command since V7
Center of sphere ( 2Point 3Point Tangent AroundCurve 4Point FitPoints Style=Triangle Subdivisions=1 )


Hello, master

That is the same object with a different method, and both are useful for me to learn grasshopper more. The only difference is that method of senior Laurent Delrieu is perfect because of turning the lines and points into solid pipes and spheres with the same color. With that method, I learn how to change the lines and points into solid shape in grasshopper and also use material and color.

Both methods of you masters are admirable.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

But the shape I sent has triangular faces, while the segments of MeshSphere are quadrilateral?

There is an option named triangle. Read the documentation to the end. You will have the explanation

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Yes, I understood

Thank you a bunch :rose:

After a series of trial and error I could model the shape with another method. Of course, I had asked you to model the shape with default components, while I created it with Ngon.