Convex polyhedron

Hi everyone,

We had a brief casual workshop and were trying to replicate the logic in this old video by Calvano:

No file was shared anywhere, so I replicated from the video (see attached file) in an attempt to have variability of solids.

I realized there is something odd going on - I have done tedious double-checking, failing to see where I have copied incorrectly: (24.7 KB)

Can you help me see what I am not seeing?
Makes me suspect it’s an orientation or rotation issue. Or maybe something changed with Rhino updates?

We were aware of plug-ins and used bullant, weaverbird, rhino polyhedra - with particular interest in the relationship with geodesic domes - additionally, we have learned lots from awesome geometric approaches like these:

*our (new) goal is to have ‘simple’ variability of polyhedrons to relate/compare/match them to different triangulation amounts and symmetry class.

Thanks for taking a look - if you have a different approach please make a suggestion.


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And this is a definition of Dodecahedron (14.1 KB)

thanks for responding @anon39580149 !

and for pointing that out, though when you change to 5 it should appear like this:

and 3 :

I got it:


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No idea , i will check it later

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Hats off to you for the discovery of one slider setup that does it all! (Ps: I’m only a prospective Rhino user at this point, having looked at a generally related idea, for many years in another 3d app).

It appears from your first vid that you have rigged up a way to scale polygonal face sizing of regular polyhedra, while maintaining the overall boundary size of the transforming polyhedron. It has been shown that classical polyhedra are closely related in that way, to transform an outer polyhedral form, by scaling ratios of inner parts, (among free thinking modelers at least and possibly in more formal settings too).