Parametric Horizontal Louvers + Attractive Curve

I am trying to design a horizontal parametric louver system that curves like a single wave of a sine curve.
Elements to be controlled by the attractor curve:

  1. length of horizontal projection
  2. point of maximum distance from the original line

I attempted this by dividing the horizontal line into multiple points and extruding perpendicular lines which will then be affected by the proximity of the attractor curve.
But I am unable to limit the louver curve at the 2 edges where I want no projection.

I have attached the concept sketch as well as the GH file.

Please advise & thanks in advance!

Courtyard Horizontal Louvers (64.7 KB)

Hi Adrocks,

It seems quite hard to calculate the correct coordinates for each point in order to get the curve you want. Instead I would approach it like this:

First make some horizontal planes that give an intersection line with the building, as well as an intersection point with your curve. After that you can either:

  • Offset the curve to the outside to get the basic louver width, then on top of that construct a curve using endpoints and tangents, connecting the offset line to the curve intersection point
  • Draw a neat standard sine wave, then transform it (I used rectangle mapping) to a different place and size for each louver.

The results are a bit different for each case. Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions

Courtyard Horizontal (59.6 KB)

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Hi Bert,

You are right. That does make it easier than what I was trying to do.
Thanks for the reply.

Taking this one step further, any ideas on how I would be able to make the louvers climate responsive using Ladybug for instance?

Hi - You might want to search the Ladybug forum for previous discussions on that topic: