Parametric Vertical Louvers Trouble

I’m trying to create parametric vertical louvers that protrude out depending on the proximity of an attractor curve. These louvers need to be perpendicular to the wall surface.

I’m having 2 issues at the moment. First is the distance of the protrusion, at the moment it is too much of a gradual curve and I’d like it to be more dramatic at the points where the attractor is closer (see reference image). The second is actually creating a line along those moved points to eventually close that shape and create a solid louver out of it.

Vertical (25.7 KB)


Here are a few insights.

Vertical (28.6 KB)

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do you know a way to make it less pointy and more rounded like the reference image? everything else was a great help so I appreciate it!

You can play around with exp function for this shape :nerd_face:

Vertical (32.2 KB)