Parameter not works on ShapeDiver API V3

Hi everyone,

We have a problem as follows on ShapeDiver API V3.

We apply a parameter named “Upload Icon/Logo URL” (Logo Engraving) on

Some images or few positions when we move it works, but some other images and positions don’t work.

Images used in the above example are attached.

Video demo.

Do you have any ideas to fix this problem ? Please tell us the solution.

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I tried the image with the same width and height, image size. but it only works with some images or other position crop.

Our team had a look at the issue and has the following feedback: the image used to test the configurator has a poor resolution and both the format and its content are extreme edge cases which do not make sense in the context of the algorithm/configurator. Therefore, making the Grasshopper definition work with this image would require a project extension. Please contact us in case this is something you would like to pursue.

So is there any way for me to check in the
session.customize().then() function for inappropriate images?


This is not possible, because the issue is not an API integration issue, but rather part of the Grasshopper logic, which assumes a reasonable set of inputs. It might be possible to extend the Grasshopper logic to cover more edge cases or at least return errors when unexpected results happen. If you would like our team to work on this, please contact us to discuss a project scope.

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