Getting parameters to work

Hey, i’m new to grasshopper and shapediver and I can’t get any of my sliders to work once inside de SD platform, the model stays static and won’t change a bit. What am I doing wrong?

I looked at your latest models and it seems that your sliders are not connected at all to the geometry displayed in the viewer. I cannot help further without seeing the definition. Can you post a minimal example here?

As I said, I’m new to all of this, I’m not certain if I have to connect all parameters individually or the resulting mesh.
SD (65.9 KB)

I see three problems with the definition:

  1. The definition references curves from Rhino without internalizing them. You can’t upload static rhino files with your definition, therefore you need to internalize any external references (right-click -> internalize data)

  2. For some reason, your outputs are disconnected from the rest of the definition and internalized. In this case, they shouldn’t be, otherwise they can’t respond to the parameters anymore. You should keep the connection between the outputs of your algorithm and the display components.

  3. Your definition contains multiple components that are visible in between the parameters and the display components. These components will produce unwanted visualization in the ShapeDiver viewer and should all be hidden.

Below a version of your definition that should work, provided that you internalize the curves from point 1).

SD (59.6 KB)

Also, you can read about most of these issues here.

that made the trick, thank you for the rapid response. Best wishes.

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