Missing parameter after change a new 3D model & limitation of value of the parameter in the model

Hi supporter,

I have 2 problems need help from you:

  1. After the ShapeDiver changed a new 3D model, I have checked and don’t see the parameter “Back Upload Icon/Logo URL”, currently I using that parameter to send the file uploaded from my system. Can I adding this parameter to the new 3D model again?

  2. Currently, I need to set the value of the dotted line below 0.4, I tried it but can not apply to the 3D model

Thank you.

  1. All ShapeDiver input components you add to your Grasshopper definition will be visible once uploaded to the platform. Make sure that in the Image Input component is at least one file format checked, otherwise online users will not be able to upload their files. By default, none of the image file formats is checked so that might be the reason you can’t see it, more here.
  2. Simply increase the slider range in Grasshopper to cover values below 0.4 and re-upload.
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@thangnm regarding your first point, you are right, accidentally we removed that parameter. I have added it again and you can find it in this new model: https://app.shapediver.com/m/200703-coinconfigurator. Please remember to be logged in as it is a private model.

Regarding your second point, I am able to go below 0.4. Please check this screenshot:

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Hi Edwin, you have not activated the “back inner ring dotted” in your screenshot. when active and setting below 0,4 it does not show

Hi @hemmrich, now I get the problem. Please check this new model with the solved problem: https://app.shapediver.com/m/200703-coinconfigurator-1

Hi @edsahergom, I tried this on the new model, with the value is 0.1 it shows correctly, but the value is 0.2 to 0.3 it does not apply to the model. Please help us check it again.

Hi @thangnm, please check this model with the fix: https://app.shapediver.com/m/200706-coinconfigurator

Hi @edsahergom it’s works fine, thank you for your help