Parameter Filter Doesn't Take Element ID

I am trying to find all the views that shows a selected element. The way I am thinking is to use a “View Filter+Parameter Filter” to query out the element. It fails when I am tyring to use Element Id as a Rule. Is there a way to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @hali1,

Looks like ‘Equals Rule’ doesn’t like an integer as Input, in your case just remove the ‘Element Passport’ component and plug the element directly to ‘Equals Rule’.

Even this will create an Id Parameter Filter I would go on another direction.

What about this? (19.6 KB)

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Super helpful, thank you!

Hey Kike,

I don’t know what happened. The “Filter Element” component works for like 1 hr, then it stoped returning correct bool pattern. It only recognize 3D views. Not sure if it is because the project is on BIM360.

Can you extract/expose picker (Right Click on the input letter) of the variables for Query Views and show the results? Thanks

hey Japhy, pump window shows the results from the “Query Views”, there are 1702 views in the project file. The out put from the “Query Views” returns view values as usual. If you insistant seeing the full results, I probably will send it next week… Very heavy revit file don’t want to reopen it now…

I see. You are correct, there is a bug in the BIM 360 use of the Filters

After testing more, I figure out that the ‘Visible In View’ and ‘Selectable In View’ filters only work if the View is generated by Revit.

One way to force view regeneration is open the View but this is clearly not a solution in this case.

So, I need to figure out another way to force Revit generate the views before running the query with those filters.

This alternative workflow is slower but seems to work without opening the Views. (14.4 KB)

More info about this bug. It is not steady and can automatically turn to the correct returns of those bool values, but after few hours wrong return will show up agian.

Thank you Kike, this method is not feasible for a big project. For instance, I have 226 views and elements on those views are at maybe10-thousand level. It takes 10 mins for the component to figure out the result.

Hey Kike, I am back to this thread to double check if this issue in “Visible In View Filter” is fixed. I am on RiR 1.14.8466 now. Seems to be okay in a BIM360 file on my small scope test.

Hi @hali,

We will have ‘Element Visibility’ component in v1.13 as a WIP component.

Please try and tell us if is accurate and faster than the previous solutions.
Works with Views and Sheets.

Since is in WIP the component is not available on the toolbar, you should type #Element Visibility in order to place a new one.

Sounds awesome, I will test it and let you know!

2 questions:

  • when it goes through the “Sheet”, is it the “Sheet View” itself or it can recognize all the “Views” in sheet? (like Sheet Revison can recognize both.)

  • Do I need to reinstall v1.13? I typed in ‘Element Visibility’ and ‘#Element Visibility’ in my current v1.14, nothing shows up.

  • When is a Sheet it gives you True if is on the Sheet or in any of the placed Views, so if is visible on the first Viewport it stops searching in other Viewports and returns True . This is why is faster with Sheets.
  • You will need to reinstall v1.13 or 1.14 from today release (still not online) so test it tomorrow.

I expect this component to be faster if you search one, or a few elements, in many Views.
If you want to use it to search many elements into many Views the previous approach may be faster.

Can’t wait to use it in my project. Saves tons of time for revised elements check! Many thanks as usual.

@hali, the component is available.

To filter elements by is visibility on a given View it should used like this:

To query views where an element is visible like this:

Hey Kike,

Had it tested. I am in Revit 2021. Element Visibility doesn’t work. Please see the screen shot. Warnings are the same.


What kind of Element are you testing?

There is a new change that I hope helps here. Please update.

A single sink, I think it falls into “Plumbing Fixture” category. Will try the update, thanks!

Hali, Can you describe your workflow a bit more?

Are you taking inventory of every object in views, then comparing this to an updated file from an outside source to see what has changed? What if the location is the only thing that changed?