Select an element by instance parameter value

Hi Guys,

Good day, got a challenge wherein l have a revit elements with different instance parameter values and l want to select an element from its specific parameter value and put them in different color?

Any help?


Hi, Joel

You’re going to need the latest release to add the View Filter & Override.

Requires 3 walls with Red, Blue, Green in the comments. (15.4 KB)

Thanks Japhy, is the named “MyColor” is referring to instance parameter and the colors are the values?


The instance parameter is the Comment, the MyColor-Color are the view filters.

Thanks Japhy, what if l got a new instance parameter and not coming from the as built parameter, is this going to work?


Yes, these are rule based filters.

Thanks Japhy, kind regards.

Hi Japhy,

I added the color names on the comment parameter but I encountered these errors?

Is there anything I missed?


Right click the C on the red component and set the category to Wall.