Find referring views (and sheets) from 3D graphical element


I know that in Revit you can directly find referring views from elements but any clue of how to do the same thing directly using Grasshopper?

Ex: I select the element and I find the complete list of views where it appears (then the same for the sheets )

it’d be nice to implement a tool that can open direcly in Revit the desired plan view (or sheet) of a selected 3D element.

Doest it already exist by chance?

Thank you very much

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Hi Massimiliano,

There is an open feature request for opening a list of views. Open Revit views by list. · Issue #624 · mcneel/rhino.inside-revit · GitHub

The Revit UI ‘Find Referring Views’ isn’t in the API for elements, similar to this dynamo thread or the recent issue brought up on filtering views. Parameter Filter Doesn't Take Element ID - #3 by hali1

Thank you very much!Super quick answer.
I’ll wait if something evolves.

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