'Visible in View' Filter


I’m trying to filter only the elements of a specific category that are visible in my active view.

The ‘selectable in view filter’ returns all elements of that category even if they are hidden.

I think I saw a ‘visible in view’ filter somewhere but I cant seem to find it.

Can anyone help pls?

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Hi @Quickly23,

‘Visible in View Filter’ will be avilable on 1.4, but in your case just this should be enough.
‘Query View Elements’ returns only visible elements.

Hi @kike,

That’s seems do work fine when i hide objects individually.

…but when I manage the visibility via subcategories that doesnt seem to have an impact.

For example our structural framing category has the subcategory ‘concrete beams’ which allows me to switch them off.

…so even if the subcategory is switched off they still come through to RIR.

any ideas why?

many thanks


From the Revit API perspective the element is visible (is not hidden or is not on a hidden category) but produce no visible geometry.
This is also possible on Rhino if you have a block instance on Layer A, but the Content is on Layer B and C, and you turn off Layer B and C the block instance is still “visible” but produce no geometry on viewport.

So what you want to filter out are elements that do not produce any geometry on a view.

‘Query Elements’ returns all visible elements, produce or not produce visible geometry on the view.
‘Element View Geometry’ extracts the geometry that element produce on the view, if the list length of the produced geometry is zero ‘Cull Pattern’ culls it.

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Hi @kike,

Sorry, Im struggling to reproduce what you did.

…not sure where it goes wrong?

…also the ‘cull pattern’ returns a list of closed breps how can i convert them back to a list of my elements?

Ultimately once I’ve got the selection right I’d like to change the parameters for all visible beams only.

I hope that makes sense?

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You want to cull elements list so, connect it directly to the ‘Cull Pattern’.

Hi @kike,

… almost there :slight_smile: … Thank you!

The only thing left is that my ‘trim tree’ output looks a bit odd and doesnt work for the ‘cull pattern’ component?

Do you know why?

There isn’t anything false [0]

The cull pattern needs to match the list tree in value count and structure. It looks like some of the elements have more than 1 item of geometry in them.

Hi @kike and @Japhy,

Thank you both for your responses.

Just some feedback from me …I’ve not managed to replicate what @kike did … i.e. cull out the unwanted elements as RIR seems to think they are all visible even though they are switched off via subcategory.

However if I use a filter to switch off the unwanted elements than I achieve exactly what I wanted, meaning I only get the visible elements through to RIR.

So using filters works for me.

Many thanks again.



My fault not to mention that to reproduce my workflow you need to update to 1.4-RC2 :pray: