(Papercut) 3dFace, From Edge asking for Point

Option From Edge = Yes

If you start a new SubD (@theoutside like your paper-doll approach) but turn on this option from the beginning it feels like something is wrong.

if someone follows a tutorial or a teacher, it is super hard to figure out, that the first Face has to be drawn without this Option. - Command still ask for “Pick Point” - but it searches for edges only.

If the current behaviour is not changed - at least the commandline should prompt “Pick Edge”.
(I would prefere:) the picking should accept both - Point and Edges, and the Prompt might be similar to
“Pick Point or Edge” (then the “From Edge option” can be saved and recalled for the next run …)

thanks - kind regards -tom

Hi Tom - Yep, I see, thanks. I see it is a bit goofy too if you start off with FromEdge=Yes and there is nothing else in the file…

RH-81659 3dFace - fromEdge tuneup


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especially if you look to the screen in the front and the teacher is already drawing 12 Faces without problems, you have all options set identically, and you don’t manage to start the first Face… :nerd_face:

thanks -tom