Command _FromEdge is unknown

Hi all.

I have latest Rhino wip on mac and command _FromEdge doesnt work.

Hello - FromEdge is not a Rhino command that I know. What are you trying to do?


Do you check my picture ? :slight_smile: It is 3rd icon in subd panel. I am thinking that is command on extrude poly edge. But i dont know how to use it.

I ran into the same problem. I believe it should be probably a macro that launches the Append command with the FromEdge option.
In this case it should contain a macro like: _Append _FromEdge=_Yes


The Windows V7 WIP has the same issue.
I think @Marco_Traverso is correct.
Just edit the macro and you’re rolling.

in the same toolbar are unknown too.

I’ll let @pascal know.

Ah - @petermasek, @John_Brock, @Marco_Traverso - please see

(This confusion is exactly why rh-51976 exists…)


Oh tank you for answer guys. ! :slight_smile: i am looking forward to it ! … Subd is perfect.